Banish pain forever by rolling around on the floor

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There is a reason why top athletes and elite performers in all areas of life visit professional masseuse experts as regularly as humanly possible – and that’s because massage is wonderful for rubbing away a tremendous amount of pain and speeding up recovery.


At the same time, most “normal folks” just don’t have the kind of budget necessary to visit a professional massage expert every single time they are feeling a little bit achy.

But with a foam roller (and a little bit of instruction) you’ll be able to give yourself the exact same kind of deep tissue massage known to help scrub pain away for next to nothing, and you’ll be able to massage yourself whenever you feel like it right in the comfort of your own home.

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Foam rollers are all the rage today in professional sports

Almost always a round section of PVC like pipe that’s been covered in high density and high impact fall, foam rollers are used by professional athletes, physical therapists, personal trainers, and are recently popping up in doctors’ offices all over the world thanks to the significant benefits they have to offer.

All you have to do to take advantage of the massaging results that these foam rollers produce is lay them down on the ground, gently relax yourself down on top of the roller (placing your target muscle groups of the roller itself) and then rock back and forth slowly.

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This is going to do a number on all of your target muscle groups, but it’s also going to break up muscle fascia that can cause extreme tightness, flooded the targeted area with all kinds of oxygen and improves circulation, and generally release you from significant amounts of pain in record time.

Check out YouTube for area specific exercises

Because foam rollers have become so popular for targeting and destroying pain effortlessly there are a lot of people utilizing these inexpensive investments.

To make sure that you are using your new foam roller correctly you’ll want to be sure that you check out any of the myriad YouTube videos available 100% free of charge, but you’ll especially want to focus on the videos that show you how to target muscle groups that are giving you a lot of pain.

Just be careful when you pull your lower back. This is a very delicate area, and you don’t want to run any risk of injury – especially if you are lower back and core isn’t quite as strong as it probably could or should be.