It’s possible to speed up your post operation recovery

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There aren’t too terribly many people on the planet excited about the prospect of moving forward with surgery, especially considering the fact that there’s no such thing as a “sure thing” any time you are talking about opening up the human body and tinkering around.

At the same time, modern medicine has advanced to such a level that the bulk of the surgical procedures performed on a regular basis are just as safe as they are going to get, and doctors know exactly how to manage and mitigate most every risk factor that could cause things to go haywire.

Today there is much more risk in not being able to effectively recover from surgery than the actual surgery itself, which is why you’ll want to focus on speeding up your post operation recovery without ever compromising the results you are looking for.

Follow recovery instructions to the letter

Though it seems pretty simple and straightforward enough to follow the recovery instructions you’ve been given by your doctor to the letter, a lot of us decide to veer off course at some point in time for a bunch of different reasons.


Whatever you do, don’t do that!

There is a reason why your doctor wants you to follow your recovery procedure to the letter and it’s because it’s the most efficient way to get you back to better than brand-new as quickly and as safely as possible.

Rest when you are told to rest, exercise when you’re told to exercise, and take advantage of any prescription medications they may have recommended to you. Depending on the surgery you had these could include painkillers and antibiotics.  Painkillers can include strong NSAIDs or opioid medicines such as co-codamol 500/30, which combines 500mg of paracetamol with 30mg of codeine phosphate.

Cleanup your eating habits

You are what you eat, and you can significantly speed up your recovery by choosing healthier meal options and cleaning up your daily diet.

Be sure to drink plenty of water, consume lean protein and complex carbohydrates, and always take advantage of a multivitamin.

Don’t skip any of your follow-up appointments

Depending upon your specific surgical procedure your doctor may recommend anywhere between two and five different follow-up procedures and you’ll want to make every single one of them.

This is true even if you feel as though you’re already completely healed. They’ll be able to push you through a couple of tests to really check just how far along you’ve come and will be able to get out in front of any potential dangers that you wouldn’t have noticed all on your own.

Challenging your brain allows you to stay sharp

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While your brain certainly isn’t a muscle in the traditional sense you’ll definitely want to be sure that you continue to “work it out” the same way you would your biceps or your core in order to keep your mind as sharp and as strong for as long as possible.

Most people intuitively know that it is critical for them to move through critical thinking problems and to try and learn new things as often as possible to keep themselves sharp and millions more, but new research suggests that you’ll not only want to challenge your brain with “brain busting” puzzles, but that you’ll want to combine these exercises with traditional workouts that tax your body as well.

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Restorative Neurology and Neuro Science says that a combination approach boosts cognitive ability significantly

A study conducted 2014 has helped researchers better understand just how impactful cognitive challenges like sudoku puzzles and other word puzzles (not to mention mental math) have on helping the brain stay lean and healthy, but what kind of impact physical activity while moving through these mental challenges has on the brain as well.

The researchers weren’t quite sure if combining these two distinctly different approaches were going to produce any results whatsoever, but were very pleasantly surprised to learn that the body and the brain responded very favorably to this multi-pronged approach.

Rather than just test the brain or the body at one particular point in time, trying to solve logical issues or complex word problems while working out forced the body to multitask and create new relationships and focus on different areas of the brain at the exact same time.

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This released a tremendous amount of brain activity and hormonal biochemical reactions that improved muscular growth, muscular regeneration, but also cleared out pathways that had been going dormant.

Everything in moderation

Even though this new research is very promising and should help individuals fight back against cognitive diseases and disorders like Alzheimer’s and memory loss, the research does not suggest that people should push themselves as far or as hard as possible when it comes to combining these two disciplines.

You aren’t going to want to try and scale Mount Everest with your attention on something else or diverted, that’s for sure. It’s a surefire way to put yourself in very dangerous situations, so (as with most everything) you will want to practice this new approach with moderation.

Banish pain forever by rolling around on the floor

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There is a reason why top athletes and elite performers in all areas of life visit professional masseuse experts as regularly as humanly possible – and that’s because massage is wonderful for rubbing away a tremendous amount of pain and speeding up recovery.


At the same time, most “normal folks” just don’t have the kind of budget necessary to visit a professional massage expert every single time they are feeling a little bit achy.

But with a foam roller (and a little bit of instruction) you’ll be able to give yourself the exact same kind of deep tissue massage known to help scrub pain away for next to nothing, and you’ll be able to massage yourself whenever you feel like it right in the comfort of your own home.

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Foam rollers are all the rage today in professional sports

Almost always a round section of PVC like pipe that’s been covered in high density and high impact fall, foam rollers are used by professional athletes, physical therapists, personal trainers, and are recently popping up in doctors’ offices all over the world thanks to the significant benefits they have to offer.

All you have to do to take advantage of the massaging results that these foam rollers produce is lay them down on the ground, gently relax yourself down on top of the roller (placing your target muscle groups of the roller itself) and then rock back and forth slowly.

rolling around 2

This is going to do a number on all of your target muscle groups, but it’s also going to break up muscle fascia that can cause extreme tightness, flooded the targeted area with all kinds of oxygen and improves circulation, and generally release you from significant amounts of pain in record time.

Check out YouTube for area specific exercises

Because foam rollers have become so popular for targeting and destroying pain effortlessly there are a lot of people utilizing these inexpensive investments.

To make sure that you are using your new foam roller correctly you’ll want to be sure that you check out any of the myriad YouTube videos available 100% free of charge, but you’ll especially want to focus on the videos that show you how to target muscle groups that are giving you a lot of pain.

Just be careful when you pull your lower back. This is a very delicate area, and you don’t want to run any risk of injury – especially if you are lower back and core isn’t quite as strong as it probably could or should be.

The Most Common Myths About Sugar

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Whenever you think about shaping your diet to become healthier, you might hear that you need to cut sugar out entirely. Although sugar is one of the largest villains for a healthy diet, there are a variety of myths about it as well. With the media publicizing the dangers of ingesting sugar on a regular basis to other groups stating that sugar simply isn’t that bad, it’s important to know where to draw the line.

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The main thing to remember is that sugar is dangerous when it is consumed in large quantities simply because it increases your risk of developing diabetes and becoming obese. Obesity can lead to a wide variety of other health ailments including heart conditions and joint issues. According to research, people who eat an additional 150 calories worth of sugar on top of their balanced diet are 1% more likely to experience diabetes at some point in their lifetime. This even includes people who are not obese and who exercise regularly. This also pertains to heart disease, as individuals who eat larger amounts of sugar are 2x more likely to experience heart disease.

Many people believe that all types of sugar are exactly the same, but this is another common myth. In fact, there are 2 distinct types of sugar, one type you get from whole foods and the other type you’d find in store-bought goods. The natural and organic sugars in vegetables, dairy products, and fruit are far healthier for you as they put fiber into your system, as well as vitamins, minerals, calcium, and protein. Whereas the unhealthy sugars, including “natural” sweeteners, do not have any nutrients and are incredibly concentrated.

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It is important that you pay special attention to the ingredient labels on the products that state they only use “natural” sugars, as many companies combine both natural and processed sugars. It wasn’t until last year that the FDA made it a requirement for companies to separate the two sugars so consumers could tell just how healthy their products are. It is a law to list ingredients by weight, meaning that the first ingredient you read is the most prevalent in the formula. Items that have cane juice, brown sugar, fructose, or maltose listed as the first ingredient are certainly items to avoid.

The best thing you can do to lower your chances of developing diabetes and heart disease is to simply monitor the amount of sugar that you get on a regular basis. By paying close attention to the things that you consume, you can stick to the average amount of 100 calories of sugar per day.

How To Improve Your Sleep

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Chances are, you’re not getting enough sleep at night. The statistics on healthy sleep habits are not particularly impressive. One of the biggest reasons for this is that we just don’t know how to make the most of our day. Or at the very least, we feel like we’re not getting the most out of our days. We try to pack in as much as possible, and we wind up staying far latter than we should.


On the other hand, it is entirely possible that you do everything possible to get a good night’s rest. Even so, you find yourself rarely feeling rested.

Regardless of which camp you ultimately fall into, there are a number of things you can try.

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Tips To Improve Your Sleep Patterns

One crucial thing to keep in mind is that you need to support the natural rhythms of your body. Respecting the natural sleep cycle your body requires is something a lot of us quite frankly ignore. A good way to embrace your sleep patterns is to try to make it a habit of going to bed and getting up at the same time every day. Consistency is often key, and this includes avoiding the temptation to sleep in. Even if it is the weekend, or even if you were up particularly late the night before.

In terms of naps, they can prove to be a great way to charge your batteries back up. However, if you find it difficult to fall asleep later on, or if you are having a hard time staying asleep through the night, you may want to give them up for a little while.

Believe it or not, but regular exercise can prove to be extremely useful, in terms of getting a good night’s sleep. Beyond the fact that you are losing weight, improving circulation, and cutting back on your risk to certain diseases and cancers, you can also help to move your body towards the concept of restful sleep. Timing can be a really smart thing to keep in mind in this arena. Given that exercise can supercharge your body on a number of levels, going for your exercise right before bed can prove to be problematic for getting some sleep later on. For most people, it is better to get some exercise in the afternoon. The mornings are even better.

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Also, remember that certain exercises like yoga or light stretches before bed can actually prove to be really helpful.

What Are Rebound Headaches?

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When it comes to the different types of headaches that are out there, rebound headaches are perhaps the trickiest to understand. This is largely because the main symptoms of rebound headaches are not too terribly dissimilar from some of the other types of acknowledged headaches. For example, to many people, tension headaches and rebound headaches can often feel like the exact same thing.

They are not the exact same thing. When it comes to rebound headaches, there are a number of unique facts that you should keep in mind. Specifically in terms of what causes rebound headaches, the answer is going to surprise you.

Dealing With Rebound Headaches

When it comes to the main cause for rebound headaches, the answer is likely going to take you by surprise. The truth of the matter is that the main cause of rebound headaches can actually be the OTC and other types of medications you were taking to treat a headache. This is not something that should give you any sense of alarm. In other words, using OTC medications or prescription pain medications will not inherently lead to rebound headaches.

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As it can turn out, the overuse of OTC medications and prescription pain management medications can lead to rebound headaches. It is important to keep in mind that overusing both OTC medications and prescription pain meds can lead to these rebound headaches. One is not riskier than the other. This is one of the reasons as to why it is so important to take your OTC and prescription meds exactly as directed. Do not take more than you need. If you notice that your response to the medication is changing in a negative fashion, you should let your doctor know. This is particularly important with prescription medications for pain.

In terms of why overuse leads to rebound headaches, there are at least a couple of theories that we can consider. One of the more popular theories suggests that too much of a certain medication can generate an overexcited state in our brains. This in turn leads to rebound headaches. This is one theory, but it is not the only theory. Some believe that the rebound headache is actually a symptom of withdrawal. The idea here is that when the medicine levels drop in our bloodstream, the withdrawal symptoms begin to appear.

Regardless of why the rebound headache occurs, hydration and tapering off your medications are two things you can do that should help.